About Sierra Vista Self Storage

Rawson Inc. began in 1975 as a real estate development firm. Shortly after its start, Rawson’s scope narrowed to the development of Mini Storages, or Self Storage facilities, in the fast growing Phoenix metro area. In 1986, Rawson expanded their market to include Sierra Vista Self Storage and Carwash. As proud supporters of Fort Huachuca and our troops, we offer special rates to them and their affiliates.

We are a private, debt-free partnership, which allows us to regularly upgrade our sites, as well as to act quickly, decisively and in a flexible manner in our service. As proud members of the Arizona Self-Storage Association, the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, we take pride in our civic and charitable contributions, and believe they enhance the livability of our neighborhood.

Our basic philosophy is that if we help people securely organize and store their important possessions, they will feel at home – and in turn we become part of their lives. Whether you are storing furniture, business records, RVs or autos, there is unfaltering attention to detail in every step of the leasing process. Our Management Team seeks extraordinary ways to make your experience effortless, from providing locks and boxes, to homemade cookies and coffee, to lending a hand or a tool. It is never too early, too late, or too often to make your day a better one.